About Us

Real Exit Interview was started after its creator left his job and realized there was no good way to get peer reviews. Where did he go wrong? How could he improve? Other than LinkedIn and perhaps anecdotal notes from reviews during his employment, he couldn't tell. And what did his peers think? Were there learning opportunities there? He'd never know, because that's often not measured, or at least shared by internal review processes. Thus the idea for Real Exit Interviews was born.

The goal of this service is for you to get real feedback from your peers. Feedback you can use and share. Real feedback you can learn from. If your peers thought you were great at your job, let the world know. And it's easier than asking for a letter of recommendation. Who writes letters anymore? Well, let's not argue that...'

If you don't like what your peers said, that's OK, too... because you can learn from it. We can't know what we don't know. Part of the journey is learning how you can grow - and we'll try to provide books and videos and such for growing you over time.

We're just starting out. Please let people know about us!

Real Exit Interview is in beta, and we are always working on new features and polishing existing ones. Have an idea or experienced a bug? Click Features & Bugs and let us know.

Thanks, and enjoy our service!

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